Fall 2020 Welcome

September 24, 2020

In the midst of COVID-19, the LGBTQ+ Culture Center will operate virtually until further notice. We have developed an exciting array of virtual programs for the Fall semester, including:

For more details and registration for all our programs, please visit: https://events.iu.edu/lgbtq

Professional staff members are available Monday through Friday (9:00am-5pm Eastern) via phone, email, and skype:

The LGBTQ+ Culture Center will also host Virtual Drop-In Hours beginning on Monday, September 28, 2020. Monday through Friday, the LGBTQ+ Culture Center will host a drop-in hour. No need for an appointment, just look into the Zoom link and chat with one of our staff members. The Virtual Drop-In Hours are:

Mondays: 11am-12noon (Bruce)
Tuesdays: 10am-11am (Mary Beth)
Wednesdays: 2pm-3pm (Maureen)
Thursdays: 4pm-5pm (Brooklynn):
Fridays: 2pm-3pm (Mary Beth & Bruce will rotate weekly)

Join us at https://iu.zoom.us/j/98340942192 

Best wishes,

LGBTQ+ Culture Center Staff

Want to know more about the LGBTQ+ Culture Center? Watch this presentation for a brief overview of the Center's history, the services and programs we offer, and the resources we can connect you with!

Together We’re Better

Indiana University’s LGBTQ+ Culture Center is open for everyone. It serves as a safe and inclusive gathering space for LGBTQ+ students—a place where people are given the encouragement and resources to build meaningful relationships across differences and open their minds and hearts to matters relating to race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Culture Center

A Diverse Culture

We promote a climate of understanding, support, and celebration of diversity that enables IU’s LGBTQ+ community to learn, live, and grow. 

Learn about queer life at IU

It is another confirmation that diversity remains fundamentally important to the university. In the midst of the political rhetoric, IU continues to ensure it's a welcoming environment where all of our students can learn on a level playing field and in a safe environment.

Doug Bauder, former LGBTQ+ Culture Center Director, on Indiana University Bloomington’s recognition as one of the 50 best colleges for LGBTQ+ students.