Health & Wellness

Taking care of you

LGBTQ+ people have unique health and wellness needs. Explore everything IU has to offer to help you meet those needs!

Care at the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center offers LGBTQ+ inclusive care, including Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), inclusive STI testing and sex organ exams, PrEP for HIV prevention, mental health counseling, and more!

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Free STI testing

The LGBTQ+ Culture Center, in partnership with Positive Link and the Monroe County Health Department, offers free HIV testing each week and free chlamydia & gonhorrea testing each month. These are open to any students, staff, faculty, or community members who are interested.

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Transitioning at IU

Learn more about the process of transitioning at IU, including medical, social, legal, and other types of transition. There are also tips and tricks for navigating IU's systems throughout the process.

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Trans-affirming medical providers

Students from the Maurer School of Law, in partnership with Bloomington Pride, have curated a list of trans-affirming and Gender Affirming Care medical providers in the Bloomington and southern Indiana area.

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Moving your body

IU Recreational Sports offers a whole host of options for you to get moving! From top of the line facilities, to group excercise, to intramural sports, and even personal training, there's something for everyone. The best part is - almost all of it is free for students who have paid the Student Activities Fee!

If you're looking for a less-gendered environment to play sports with a group, check out the brand-new Open Leagues for Intramural Sports, where there are no gender requirements to play. The other leagues have explicitly trans-inclusive policies, too.

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