Public Training Series

Public Training Series Workshops

The Public Training Series is great for people who want to learn more about a particular aspect of LGBTQ+ experience, such as Sexuality, Gender, Oppression & Joy, or Intersectionality. These sessions are useful for beginners and more advanced learners alike! Explore all of our offerings below.

96%said they learned information that will improve their professional performance

Regardless of previous knowledge, I think this session was incredibly informative and provided a deeper understanding of the different people we may interact with... a safe space where it is okay to be unsure or unfamiliar with the concepts.

Thanks so much for offering the information in such a clear, straightforward, and engaging way. That’s not easy to do...and you really succeeded. I have a young teen who just shared that they are transgender...Your warmth and comfort with the topic was really refreshing and reassuring.

I am Ukrainian and I study Theology in Greece...You give us the opportunity to learn how we must live in the world of diversity in order to build a peaceful future together...I am interested in these issues not only because I belong to LGBTQ+, but also because as a theologian I would like to look at these issues later in a theological perspective.

Just getting started

The Public Training Series is just the beginning! We have other learning formats, tons of on-demand content, and even sessions customized for your group! Visit our main Training page to learn about all of our educational offerings.

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