Being an advocate

How can we stand up for the needs & rights of LGBTQ+ people? In these sessions, you'll learn practical skills that can help you support the queer people in your life.

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In this session from the Public Training Series, learn about what it means to be an effective ally and how our own identities and privilege play a role in our advocacy efforts. This session discusses concrete strategies that can be put into practice quickly.

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Combating hate online

What do anime, Star Wars, and memes have to do with LGBTQ+ issues? We’ll explore the ways that homophobia and transphobia can spread in online spaces by examining the word “trap” used as a slur against transgender women.

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Using white privilege

Hear from panelists about how to use white privilege to boost the voices & experiences of people of color in this INTERSECTIONS panel.

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Making change in complex institutions

This session will help you learn to create change in organizations that are extremely complex, without putting people on the defensive.

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Improve YOUR organization!

If you're part of an IU office, student organization, department, or Greek organization, you qualify to request a session from the Training Outreach Program! These sessions are customized to help your group make positive change to support LGBTQ+ people.

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Learn more about different groups

One great way to be an ally is to learn more about a wide variety of experiences! Take a look at the pages linked below to explore the experiences of a wide variety of people.