Training Outreach Program

Training Outreach Program

The Training Outreach Program is an opportunity to engage your department, office, student organization, or Greek organization in the challenging yet vital work of institutional equity for LGBTQ+ people. We will spend 1 hour learning about issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in general, followed by another hour discussing how your organization, specifically, can work towards equity. 

Hour 1

The first hour consists of a standardized presentation about issues that affect LGBTQ+ people in general.

  • The Five Dimensions of Identity (sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc)
  • The Invisible Knapsack (things that LGBTQ+ people "carry around" that other people don't)
  • Pronouns & Names
  • Unconscious & Systemic Bias

Hour 2

The content of the second hour will be decided based on a conversation about your organization's needs. Some common requests include:

  • Review a specific form, publication, or policy
  • Discuss a specific incident or what-if scenario
  • Explore the experiences & struggles of LGBTQ+ college students
  • Learn how to include LGBTQ+ issues & needs in your classes or clubs

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Interested in learning about the LGBTQ+ community on your own, or wanting to dive deeper into a specific topic? Our Public Training Workshops might be what you’re looking for!