Identity, Self, and Labels

Defining ourselves

How do we use labels to understand, describe, and express ourselves? What makes up our identities? And what sorts of practical effects might these descriptors have on our lives?

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What’s in a label? In Identity, Labels, & Community from the Public Training Series, explore how labels are used, the blurry boundaries between them, and the ways they can both empower and hinder us.

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Queer Oppression & Joy

Examine the personal experiences of LGBTQ+ people, including systemic oppression and discrimination, but also queer joy.

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Explore the ways that multiple dimensions of identity can intersect, overlap, and interact.

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Queer Language

In this session, learn about the ways that queer language adapts and evolves over time, as well as the ways that it must be hyper-visible yet simultaneously hide in plain sight. We will also use a critical lens to understand the ways in which queer identity and labels are impacted by colonialism and white supremacy.

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Dive deeper into Labels

The first seven episodes of our podcast, Laughing, Growing, Bantering, and Talking Queerness, focus entirely on labels and the different ways they can influence our lives. Topics include: Understanding Labels, Choosing Labels, Micro-Labels and Label-Abolitionism, Non-Queerness, Medicalization of Labels, Slurs, and Queerness.

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Learn more about slurs

If you're interested in how slurs develop and are used, check out Anime, Star Wars, and Meme Culture: A Case Study in Online Hate! This Public Training Series session uses the word "trap" (a slur against trans women) as an example to understand how hate can spread in online spaces.

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