Programs & Services

Collaborative Programming

Collaborative programming with academic departments, student groups, and cultural centers on campus provide enriching experiences and events that help students learn about the diversity that makes IU unique. 

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Counseling Services

The LGBTQ+ Culture Center hosts a private counseling office and dedicated counseling intern who is especially knowledgeable of and sensitive to the needs of sexually and gender diverse individuals. Counseling services are offered free of charge, and the counseling intern accepts clients as their schedule allows and/or provides referrals as appropriate. Contact our counseling intern to learn more about services or to schedule an appointment.

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Free HIV testing

Free and confidential HIV testing is available in Room 101 of the LGBTQ+ Culture Center on Thursdays from 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Testing is available weekly when classes are in session and intermittently during the summer. 

Free Safer Sex Supplies

The LGBTQ+ Culture Center provides many free safer sex supplies, including various types of condoms, dental dams, and instructions for proper use. Supplies are offered free of charge. Interested students can find supplies near the back door of the Center, in the kitchenette.

LGBTQ+ Library

The LGBTQ+ Library offers a wealth of materials and resources on gender and sexual diversity. These resources include books, videos, CDs, and zines.  Anyone in the Bloomington area can become a patron of the LGBTQ+ Library; to register, you just need a photo ID. 

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